My experience with a local Microblading business!

The other day I ran into a good friend on my morning stop to Starbucks. It was an early Saturday morning so you can imagine the state of my face. No makeup, messy hair, and essentially looking kind of sick. My friend on the other hand, looked amazing! It was crazy because who looks that put together at 7am? I greeted her and let her know that she was looking amazing and couldn’t really figure out why. She told me there was one reason for this and that it was her little secret. I was so curious now still trying to pinpoint exactly what could be different. She told me that she had gotten a microblading procedure done. Microblading? It sounded like a painful unnecessary medical procedure. She explained how it was essentially an eyebrow tattoo and that her eyebrows were drawn on permanently! I was so shocked that I went in and touched her eyebrows. I was shook. The drawn on brows looked so realistic and natural that I couldn’t even tell that they were not real hairs.

The color was her exact match and it clearly defined her brows. I do remember she didn’t have the fullest brows but this was so crazy. She mentioned microblading Houston was a common growing trend among women and men who have sparse and lighter brows. I can’t imagine how comfortable that would be. To wake up and still look amazing at 7AM in the morning when everyone else looks like they need at least 3 more hours of sleep. She said that she just looked up microblading houston tx and looked through the microblading portfolios and chose one that she liked. She made an appointment and although the permanent makeup procedure was a little pricier than just buying makeup, it was an investment she knew she wouldn’t regret. The procedure lasts anywhere from 1-3 years and to be able to walk around with full, defined brows that are perfectly symmetrical was worth it! She loved the way the technician drew her brows and how fabulous they looked every day since with absolutely no effort. I mean I was touching her brows and still couldn’t believe they were just drawn in. They looked so natural and real like real eyebrow hairs. The lines weren’t too harsh and created very realistic set of eyebrows. She gave me some recommendations and told me she has saved so much time and money from this one simple procedure. No more $20 eyebrow products every month. She also gets at least 20 extra minutes of sleep every day because she doesn’t have to do her brows! This just sounds like a no brainer to me! Not only do you look great with absolutely no effort, you also save time and money! My eyebrows are the one part of my daily makeup routine that takes the longest so to have the option to get permanent brows tattooed to my face sounds great.